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elves - graceful and beautiful

this is the best

Such majestic creatures.

Anonymous said: Do you headcanon any of the OUAT characters as empaths?


Yes, totally.


Mary Margaret talks about her walls, and yeah, a lot of that is due to how much she’s been hurt.  But what if it’s also a way she’s learned to block out what she feels from others.

What if Emma’s ability to tell if someone is lying is because she feels their emotions?  She never trust Tamara.  She knew things were wrong with Regina’s relationship with Henry.

Empaths usually want to help people.  Look at the way Emma navigates to those that need help, like Henry, Anton, Ashley, Aurora…

Emma is upset when other people are hurting, even when it’s not her fault or she didn’t cause it.

And look at how quickly she and Henry connect.

I could totally see Emma as an empath.

I agree totally, but I also think Belle is as well.




Trigger warning: Breakfast

Holy shit.

reasons why we don’t make fun of seemingly odd triggers

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